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Reminder: We continue to live with COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses such as the seasonal flu and RSV, as ongoing risks. When considering whether to attend a club event, please take appropriate precautions for yourself, as well as your fellow club members, including staying up to date on your vaccines, wearing masks as you feel necessary, and staying home to rest if you are experiencing any symptoms or believe you may have had recent exposure.

How to Register for an Event without the email containing the registration link:

Go to the event calendar on the club website. (Click here to get to that page). Also, you can find this page under the "Club Events" tab. That is the same tab that this page is under. Once on the calendar, find the event of interest and click on it and it will bring you to the registration page. Note that when registering for an event, there will come a point in the process, if you are NOT logged in to the website, where it looks like it is requiring you to log-in, but that is not the case. If you click next to get to the subsequent screen, you will see you can continue and it will prompt you for your first and last name. The only thing being logged in does is bypass typing your name. 

If you don't remember your password, it would be good to know it as you cannot access the member directory without it or edit your profile info. You can ask the club manager to reset your password or just click on "LOG IN" at the top of any page on the club website. The LOG IN page will open and you can click on "forgot password". You will then be prompted to enter your email address. 

If you do not have the Wild Apricot for Members member app for your phone, you should really get it. IOS or Android is available. You will need your same password to use it but it has a list of all upcoming events in chronological order and you can just click on the event and register. It has a member directory (searchable) and will also list all the past and future events for which you have registered. You can also edit your profile info (name, phone, address). 

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